Glencoe Primary School has a welcoming and positive learning environment and is characterised by a strong sense of community. This is underpinned by the School’s motto “Truth and Friendship”.


To develop and prepare students to embrace the challenges of the future.


At Glencoe Primary School we share a commitment to provide our students with a high quality education in an inclusive and respectful learning environment that promotes care and development of the whole child. We place students first and believe every student has the capacity to be a successful learner. We are dedicated to providing a variety of opportunities, in a safe environment conducive to progressing student learning, and the achievement of optimal learning outcomes. We strive to develop the skills and knowledge required to enable students to be their best and become positive contributors throughout their lives, in a changing society.

OUR BELIEFS (About Teaching and Learning)

At Glencoe Primary School we believe: Highly effective teaching and learning is purposeful, relevant, engaging, challenging, enjoyable and differentiated. Learning is a lifelong process with high quality teaching and learning best provided in a safe and inclusive learning environment, in which students and staff are both valued and supported, and productive and trusting relationships are nurtured. High quality teaching includes contemporary, evidence based and developmentally appropriate practices which accommodate individual learning needs, and encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. Celebrating student success supports the development of self-esteem, resilience, self-reflection, motivation to learn and the desire to aim for continuous improvement. High quality teaching and learning occurs when teachers are positive, cooperative, reflective, have high expectations, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, utilise available expertise and consistently share a common understanding across the school. A constructive partnership with parents and the wider community is crucial to support student learning. The health and wellbeing of students and staff is paramount.


To be respectful includes respect for self, others, property and the environment. It involves treating others with acceptance, consideration, dignity and compassion.

To be responsible means accepting responsibility and being accountable for your choices, actions and the subsequent consequences of your decisions.

To be safe and caring is recognising that our actions need to be thoughtful, with consideration given to the degree of risk and impact on the safety of others. When working together we are mindful of treating other with care, both physically and emotionally.

To be your best is described as setting high standards and expectations for ourselves and striving to excel. We need to continually challenge ourselves and strive for improvement to sustain ongoing success and personal growth.

The four core values guide our School Community and are inherent on our school culture. They are also harmonious with the Department of Education values of Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care. Our four core values apply to staff, students, parents and the community.