Endorsed by the School Board

- Fosters and enhances the public image of the school. - Assists in building school and team spirit. - Encourages equity among students. - Gives the students an identity in the district


- School Polo Shirt (includes school logo

- School Jumper (includes school logo)

- Microfibre Sports Jacket (includes school logo)

- Faction T-Shirt (includes school logo)

- Skorts (no logo)

- Airflow/Mesh shorts (no logo)

- Microfibre Track Pants (no logo)

- Microfibre Broad Brim Hat (includes school logo)


Students must wear enclosed shoes to school suitable for playing sport as students may be required to participate in daily fitness each day.

On days that students are involved in water based activities, students may change into their thongs for the activity, eg when they get changed to go swimming.


Broad brim hats (minimum 5cm brim) are to be worn all year Broad brim hats are available for purchase at our uniform shop.

Broad brim hats, not purchased at the Uniform Shop, are to be plain royal blue in colour, with no logos or slogans.


Only children dressed according to the Dress Code will be selected to bring items to the office or asked to do jobs at the office. Only children dressed according to the Dress Code will be selected to take messages to other classes or take part in jobs away from their class. Whole school Free Dress Days will be organised at various times throughout the year.


- Clothes of any colour other than royal blue and gold

- Jeggings, jeans or denim clothing of any kind

- Board shorts, long shorts, over baggy shorts, multi coloured shorts, bike pants

- Jewellery and body piercings (other than a watch, sleepers or stud ear rings)

- Perfume/deodorant aerosol sprays

- Make up, tattoos (including fake and stick on) and nail polish

- Thongs, slip on shoes, high heels, boots, designer shoes, skate shoes or sandals

- Midriff tops, singlets, off-the-shoulder tops

- Brand name shirts, printed shirts with advertising, logos or slogans

- Visor hats, beanies or caps

- Fluffy jackets, clothes with feathers and fur trimmings

- Scarves

- Mobile phones and personal electronic devices (Refer to Mobile Phone Use Policy)


- Hair must be kept neat at all times and not covering eyes.

- Appropriate hair styles are to be worn.

- If below shoulder length, hair must be tied up. This applies to girls and boys.

- Head lice are a problem in all schools and maintaining neat, well-kept hair can assist in managing this issue.

- Hair spray (including colour hair spray) must not be brought to school.

- Dyed hair is not permitted.

- Large hair accessories are not permitted.

- Any acceptable hair accessories are to be in school colours.


For safety reasons, on all excursions and outings children will NOT be able to take part unless in full school uniform.